Mixin Network experienced a security breach on September 23, resulting in a significant loss of assets on the mainnet. The attack affected funds worth $200 million, as stated in the official announcement on their Twitter page.

In response, Mixin Network promptly sought assistance from Google and the blockchain security firm SlowMist to investigate the incident further.

Mixin Network Suspends Deposits and Withdrawals

As a precautionary measure, Mixin Network temporarily halted their deposit and withdrawal services. These services will only resume after a comprehensive review and consensus among all network nodes, ensuring that any vulnerabilities are addressed and rectified. Transfers on the network, however, remain unaffected by the suspension.

The Mixin team is actively working on resolving the issue and will provide further details to the community in due course. Mixin Network’s founder, Feng Xiaodong, will conduct a live Mandarin-language stream on September 25, 2023, at 13:00 HKT to keep the community informed.

Mixin Network has received investment and promotion from renowned Chinese investor KOL Li Xiaolai. The network distinguishes itself as a wallet solution, supporting 48 public chains and exceeding $1 billion in network assets. Unfortunately, Mixin Network joins the list of networks that have suffered significant hacking incidents, including Balancer protocol ($2 million) and Exactly Protocol (over $12 million).


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