A groundbreaking partnership has been announced between Minima, a layer-1 blockchain focused on Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) solutions, and Wicrypt, a smart Wi-Fi network that allows users to earn tokens by sharing their Wi-Fi hotspots. The collaboration aims to democratize internet access and make it more affordable for everyone by decentralizing the infrastructure required to provide internet connectivity.

The partnership leverages Minima’s lightweight, device-agnostic blockchain architecture, which enables full nodes to run on mobile and IoT devices, making it highly adaptable for scaling DePIN. The two companies hope to reshape how digital services are delivered and consumed by integrating Minima’s blockchain technology with Wicrypt’s innovative Wi-Fi network.

Wicrypt will embed Minima nodes into Wi-Fi routers, allowing them to grant network access to Minima users. This approach not only decentralizes the network’s infrastructure but also enables Wicrypt router users to actively participate in the Minima blockchain, supporting transaction processing and contributing to the strength and distribution of the network.

In an exclusive interview, Hugo Feiler, Co-founder and CEO of Minima, shared insights into the partnership, the challenges of decentralizing internet access, and the future of DePIN solutions. The collaboration, rooted in a shared vision of decentralization and democratization of digital services, aims to redefine internet access through the integration of Minima’s blockchain technology into Wicrypt’s infrastructure.

The integration of Minima nodes into Wicrypt WiFi routers represents a technical marvel, which required careful planning and optimization to ensure efficient operation.

Minima’s Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) solutions perfectly complement Wicrypt’s vision of democratizing internet access. By enabling users to generate tokens, manage access control, and authenticate data at the edge of the network, the collaboration introduces a new paradigm of network participation.

Decentralizing internet access challenges the current paradigm dominated by large corporations by empowering users to collectively construct, maintain, and operate community-owned physical infrastructure networks.

The partnership between Minima and Wicrypt enhances privacy, security, and resilience in digital communication networks by decentralizing data across many nodes and mitigating common digital threats.

Looking towards the future, Minima sees decentralized networks evolving in terms of scalability, user adoption, and regulatory challenges, with the potential to revolutionize current infrastructure models.

To sustain and further expand community engagement, Minima focuses on nurturing developers and engaging with enterprises to drive organic growth and develop high-impact use cases for its technology.


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