The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) expressed its anticipation for increased coordination and dialogue in the pursuit of a “comprehensive, balanced and modern” Philippines-European Union Free Trade Agreement (PH-EU FTA). The agency welcomed the announcement of the resumption of negotiations for the PH-EU FTA, which occurred during President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s official visits to two EU countries.

In a statement, the DFA highlighted the significance of the PH-EU FTA in achieving shared prosperity, stable economic growth, and sustainable development for the Philippines and the wider Indo-Pacific region. The agency also commended the European Commission for its continued engagement in the formal talks for the FTA, following successful stock-taking exercises conducted by experts from both the Philippines and the EU in late 2023.

During his visit to Prague, President Marcos sought support from the Czech government for the resumption of negotiations for a fair trade agreement. He emphasized the importance of securing the Czech Republic’s support during the Czech-Philippine Business Forum at the Czernin Palace.

President Marcos also made a similar appeal for support from the German government during the Philippine-German Business Forum in Berlin. The DFA’s statement reflects the Philippines’ commitment to advancing negotiations for the PH-EU FTA and fostering closer economic ties with the European Union.


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