The opulent Singapore residence of Su Zhu, the founder of Three Arrow Capital (3AC), has been transformed into an urban farm by his wife, Evelyn Tao. The villa, now known as Yarwood Homestead, is located on Yarwood Avenue and has been repurposed for growing various agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, fish, chicken, and ducks.

The property, originally purchased for $35.6 million in March 2022, also serves as a venue for private dining events and guided tours. Additionally, it is the research and development headquarters for Abundant Cities, a company co-founded by Tao, where she serves as the Chief Science Officer. Abundant Cities specializes in providing regenerative and nourishing gardens for urban dwellers in Singapore.

However, due to the cryptocurrency market crash and 3AC’s exposure to the blockchain network, the company defaulted on its credit obligations, owing $3.5 billion. Zhu attempted to sell the villa but was unsuccessful.

Zhu has been a fugitive following the collapse of his crypto hedge fund and was apprehended at Changi Airport in Singapore on September 29. He was arrested for his absence during 3AC’s bankruptcy proceedings and is currently serving a 4-month imprisonment. His co-founder, Kyle Livingston Davies, is still evading authorities.

Both Zhu and Davies have received a nine-year sanction from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) that prohibits them from engaging in regulated investment activities in the country. Meanwhile, Do Kwon, the founder of the Terra blockchain, has been arrested and confessed to posting false trading volume in a leaked chat.


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