The popular Ethereum wallet MetaMask was temporarily removed from the Apple App Store but has since been restored. The MetaMask team assured users that the removal was not due to anything malicious and that they are working to resolve the issue. The MetaMask wallet is an important tool for accessing decentralized applications on the Web3 ecosystem, with a user base of over 30 million worldwide.

The wallet provider stated that there is no security concern and no action required from users. They expect MetaMask to be available on the App Store again soon. This is not the first time MetaMask has faced challenges with app marketplaces controlled by tech giants. In December 2019, Google suspended MetaMask from its Play Store for violating financial services guidelines.

Apple’s guidelines, which require developers to share 30% of transaction revenues, have also posed challenges for crypto apps, including those facilitating the purchase of non-fungible tokens. Damus, a Bitcoin-friendly social media app, was also recently removed from the App Store for violating Apple’s terms of service. Apple prohibits developers from selling additional in-app content unless the transactions go through them, resulting in a 30% cut for the tech giant.


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