Cisco has unveiled its new AI strategy for Webex at the WebexOne event. Unlike other AI solutions that focus on text or documents, Webex will utilize real-time communication through audio and video to address everyday challenges in communication and collaboration. This includes ensuring clear audio and video calls and meetings even in low bandwidth situations. Cisco has also introduced the Webex AI Assistant, which enhances productivity and accuracy for customers. This AI strategy and AI Assistant will be implemented across the entire Webex portfolio. Customers such as McLaren Racing and Team DSM are currently testing these new AI capabilities.

According to Jeetu Patel, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Cisco Security and Collaboration, AI is key in bridging the gap and enabling effective communication and work in the new era of hybrid work. Zaza Soriano-Nicart, Managing Director of Cisco Philippines, believes that AI can make collaboration more secure, intelligent, and inclusive for companies in the Philippines.

Cisco has introduced Real-Time Media Models (RMMs) in Webex to enhance audio and video quality. These models use AI to analyze gestures, movement, and other visible and audible cues during meetings, providing valuable context for human interactions. RMMs allow for audio and video channels to be used as signals of context in text-based capabilities like meeting summaries. This fusion of AI for text, audio, and video will provide real-time insights for Webex users.

Cisco has also developed a new AI Codec in Webex to address audio quality issues caused by network impairments. This AI solution aims to deliver crystal-clear audio regardless of network conditions, even in areas with poor connectivity. The Webex AI Codec includes speech enhancement functions to improve audio clarity. Additionally, machine learning techniques will be applied to improve video quality using Super Resolution.

The Webex AI Assistant offers a range of capabilities to empower users and minimize costs for IT. It prompts users with questions and generates real-time answers based on their responses. The AI Assistant is integrated into Cisco Collaboration devices and will be available across the Webex portfolio. New capabilities include suggested changes to tone and phrasing in Webex Messaging, suggested responses for contact center agents, meeting summaries, message summaries, and Slido topic summaries.

Webex will leverage a combination of best-of-breed models based on use case to enhance the user experience. Cisco is committed to responsible AI and ensures that its AI offerings adhere to standards for transparency, fairness, accountability, privacy, security, and reliability through its Responsible AI Framework.


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