Vivo Philippines is teasing the highly anticipated successor to the V27 5G, the upcoming V29 5G. This new smartphone promises to deliver unmatched photo quality in any lighting condition with its advanced Aura Light 2.0 feature. As a leading global innovator in the smartphone industry, Vivo is excited to introduce the V29 5G to the Filipino market and provide a smartphone experience like never before.

The revolutionary Aura Light 2.0 technology elevates photography to new heights by adapting to various environments and color temperatures. Whether you’re in a nightclub, on neon-lit streets, or enjoying a cozy evening at a bar, the V29’s Aura Light 2.0 adjusts its color temperature to harmonize with the surroundings, ensuring your photos always look stunning. With a larger diameter compared to its predecessor, Aura Light 2.0 creates three-dimensional, soft, and non-dazzling light, similar to a professional studio, resulting in nighttime portraits with intricate details and vibrant skin tones.

Additionally, the V29 boasts a 36% brightness boost, allowing you to capture clear and focused shots with intensity. Get ready to embrace a new era in smartphone photography with the Vivo V29 5G, your creative companion, light guru, and gateway to captivating visuals.


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