Netflix Expands into Gaming with Release of Game Controller App on Apple App Store

In a surprising move, Netflix has unveiled a new game controller app on the Apple App Store, allowing users to play games on their TV screens. The app projects a touchscreen interface while the gameplay is displayed on a larger screen, providing a more immersive gaming experience. However, the release date for the app has not been specified on the download page, leaving users eagerly awaiting its availability.

Netflix, primarily known for its video streaming service, has been diversifying its offerings and venturing into different media types. The addition of games to its platform is seen as a strategic move that could potentially pave the way for the company’s entry into the competitive video game market.

The Netflix Game Controller app, which pairs with your TV, will enable users to play games on Netflix using their mobile phones or devices. Despite the limited information available, the launch of the app confirms earlier speculations about Netflix’s foray into gaming. However, it is important to note that the app is expected to have limited functionality initially, as stated on the Netflix Controller webpage.

The App Store page provides a glimpse of what the mobile app will look like. The previews for iPhone and iPad display a black screen with a white circle on the left, serving as a directional joystick. On the right side, there are “A,” “B,” “X,” and “Y” buttons, reminiscent of an Xbox controller. These buttons will allow users to perform various in-game actions such as picking up items or engaging in battles. The only difference between the iPhone and iPad versions is the size, indicating that users will hold their devices horizontally or in a landscape orientation to use the game controller. The directional pad and buttons can be easily accessed and operated using the thumbs.

While the Netflix Game Controller page does not provide instructions on how to connect the app to the TV, one potential drawback is the absence of shoulder buttons. Some Netflix games, such as Moonlighter, require these buttons, which are unavailable on the touchscreen controller.

For those keen on exploring gaming options on Netflix, there are already games available that can be played without the upcoming Controller app. However, certain requirements must be met. Android users should have Android 8.0 or later, while iPad and iPhone users are required to have iOS or iPad OS 15 or later. Additionally, an active Netflix subscription, internet connection, and sufficient storage space are necessary to download and install games on mobile devices. It is worth noting that some games may have specific additional requirements and may not be available for Kids profiles, so it is advisable to check their maturity ratings before downloading.

To install Netflix games on iOS, users can scroll down from the home screen to find the Netflix Games section, select a game, and tap “Get Game” to be directed to the Apple App Store for download and installation. On Android, users need to open the Netflix app, scroll down or tap the Games tab, choose a game, tap “Get Game,” and be directed to the Google Play Store for download and installation.

While the release date for the Netflix Game Controller app remains undisclosed, users can still enjoy the existing gaming options within the Netflix app. The addition of a game controller app indicates Netflix’s ongoing efforts to be a dominant player in the gaming industry, expanding its services beyond video streaming. As always, stay updated with the latest in gaming, technology, and entertainment news.


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