Experience the ultimate in cooling comfort with the energy-efficient Midea AirStill Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner. This innovative cooling solution goes beyond the ordinary to provide a truly transformative cooling experience for every Filipino household. With its high cooling capacity and top-rated energy efficiency, the Midea Airstill is the perfect choice for upgrading your home without breaking the bank.

The Midea Airstill line features precision engineering with 7,928 micro-holes that ensure air is diverted and dispersed with finesse, enveloping your space in a cool breeze. The Full DC Inverter Quattro technology sets new standards in energy efficiency, providing rapid cooling while remaining environmentally responsible.

The Airstill is also IOT-enabled, allowing you to connect with, control, and monitor the air-conditioner anytime, anywhere using Midea’s innovative SmartHome mobile app. Don’t miss out on the premium tender cooling sensation and elevate your lifestyle with the Midea Airstill Inverter Split Type Air Conditioners. Visit www.midea.com/ph to learn more about the Airstill series and experience true comfort beyond breeze.


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