OpenAI, the publisher of ChatGPT, has recently announced that its technology could be used to develop new automated content moderation tools for the internet. This announcement comes as the company’s GPT-4 multimodal large language model has shown promise in making content moderation faster, more consistent, and less burdensome than relying solely on human moderators.

In a blog post, OpenAI explains that its GPT-4 language model can now be adapted for large-scale content moderation. By using GPT-4, a content management strategy based on strict, custom criteria can be developed without the need for human moderators. The model can interpret the rules and nuances contained in a long list of recommendations, ultimately leading to more effective content moderation.

The current process of moderation, which involves a significant number of human moderators, is time-consuming and mentally taxing. Moderators often have to deal with toxic and harmful content, which can lead to fatigue and mental health issues. By automating the moderation process, OpenAI aims to relieve the burden on human moderators and create a more efficient system.

However, it is important to note that automated content moderation still has its limitations. The results would need to be carefully monitored and validated or refined by humans as part of the process. OpenAI acknowledges that human oversight is crucial in ensuring contextual understanding and sensitivity.

This use of the GPT-4 language model could also provide a new source of revenue for OpenAI. Reports suggest that the company is facing financial difficulties, with a decline in user numbers and high operating costs. Developing automated content moderation tools could potentially generate additional revenue for the company.

Automated content moderation has become increasingly important as online platforms struggle to address the constant challenge of moderating user-generated content. OpenAI’s innovative approach using its GPT-4 language model could provide a solution that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of content moderation on the internet.


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