The Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center is warning the public to be cautious when shopping online during the holiday season, as the rate of shopping scams in the Philippines has reached 35.9 percent, the highest among 11 Asian countries surveyed. The 2023 Asia Scam Report, released at the 1st Anti-Scam Asia Summit in Taipei, revealed this data based on nearly 20,000 respondents from various Asian countries.

Shopping scam is one of the nine common scam scenarios identified in the survey, along with identity theft, investment scam, government/bank scam, job scam, lottery scam, family/relatives scam, bill payment scam and charity scam. CICC Executive Director Alexander K. Ramos emphasized the need for the public to be extra careful during online shopping, especially during the holiday season, as scammers often take advantage of the high volume of online shopping and people’s vulnerability at this time.

The report also highlighted that Filipino victims of scams often respond too quickly to scammers’ demands and choose to take risks despite uncertainty. The CICC is urging the public to report shopping scams and other cybercrimes by calling 1326.


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