In the world of Web3, a sense of inclusivity and empowerment has always been present. Transitioning from traditional finance to DeFi has been met with ample support, encouragement, and guidance. For female leaders, obstacles and adversity have been noticeably absent, allowing them to flourish in their roles.

However, recent attention has been drawn to the significant gender gap within the Web3 community. International Women’s Day shed light on the fact that only 13% of founding teams in Web3 include at least one woman. Additionally, data from Swiss Fintech Innovations revealed that only 3.5% of Web3 investment went to women-led businesses in the first half of 2023. These statistics underscore the need for a more balanced and equitable environment in Web3.

While increased funding for female startups is beneficial, it is not a comprehensive solution. Women in Web3 can empower themselves in various ways on a daily basis. Embracing fear, leveraging existing expertise, and building connections are key areas for women to focus on in order to enhance their presence and influence in the industry.

By recognizing their unique abilities to learn, drawing upon past experiences, and forming meaningful connections, women in Web3 can steer the ship towards a more inclusive and diverse future. The community’s support and encouragement will be crucial in empowering female leaders to thrive and contribute to the growth and evolution of Web3.


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