Web3 play-to-earn (P2E) meme coin gaming platform Tamadoge is launching a major marketing push to promote new staking and burn features and target more top exchange listings. Staking begins today, offering a flexible system where tokens can be withdrawn at any time, with the annual percentage yield (APY) varying based on the amount of staked tokens. Two million $TAMA tokens have been reserved for staking rewards, distributed over four months. Additionally, the first of three special token burn events will begin next week.

Tamadoge’s $TAMA token is currently listed at 12 crypto trading venues, including OKX and Bybit. Despite its strong product release track record, the token’s price has not reflected its success. A comprehensive marketing campaign is being launched to change this, along with a revamped roadmap for the Tamadoge project. Mystery projects, giveaways, and game releases are among the upcoming announcements.

CEO Jon Bishop, a former marketing director at Huobi Global, stated that Tamadoge is now in a position to focus on a big crypto marketing campaign, aiming for the largest possible exchange listings. The campaign will include collaboration with major crypto influencers and activity on crypto sites.

The campaign will also highlight the new staking utility, burn program, and the upcoming Tamagotchi app launch. With growing adoption, Tamadoge aims to become a coin with substantial trading volume and a vibrant community. The thriving Tamadoge ecosystem, with its successful games and NFT component, attracts a wide audience of potential players. The article concludes by mentioning the potential growth of Tamadoge in the gaming market and advises caution due to the high-risk nature of crypto investments.


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