Layer 1 blockchain Sui Network has introduced a new feature called zkLogin, which allows users to access decentralized applications (DApps) using their social media details. This feature aims to simplify adoption for users who are not familiar with web3 technology, providing them with full access without the need for external crypto wallets. Sui Network plans to utilize platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitch to enable a smooth transition from Web2 to Web3.

“Too many individuals – whose everyday lives would benefit from blockchain technologies – are frustrated by installing web3 wallets and managing seed phrases.”

A pathway to drive adoption

As blockchain technology evolves and offers more use cases, it becomes important to reduce entry barriers for a wider range of users who may not have prior experience with the technology. This new feature by Sui Network aims to remove hurdles and provide access to billions of users, as stated by Greg Siourounis, the managing director of the Sui Foundation.

“By enabling users to access dApps with the social logins they have grown comfortable using, zkLogin removes a major hurdle for bringing the benefits of blockchain-based applications to billions of mainstream users.”

Developers can now onboard new users to their applications without requiring them to have extensive knowledge of blockchain technology. This feature ensures utmost security and user privacy in all decentralized applications on the blockchain. Sui Network’s zkLogin utilizes zero-knowledge-proof technology, allowing users to prove their identity and wallet ownership without revealing certain personal information typically required for access. The company also plans to expand this feature to include Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and WeChat accounts.

Developers get creative with adoption

In order to drive adoption, blockchain startups are finding innovative ways to introduce users to crypto assets. For example, Telegram trading bots like Banana Gun and Uninit allow users to trade tokens and access airdrops through the social media platform. However, there have been incidents such as a detected bug in the contract of Banana Gun’s native token, BANANA, leading to a significant price crash. The project’s team has promised to compensate users and relaunch the token in the future. Similarly, Moxy, a blockchain gaming company, is onboarding new users through a competition-based esports model where users can bet against each other instead of the traditional play-to-earn model.


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