Node operators earned over $300,000 as early node runners in projects such as Solana, Aptos, and others.

Follow these steps to run your own Shardeum Node:

First step: get your VPS server in 2 minutes

Order your VPS (Select Cloud VPS M), here:


Choose one month of rental, extend if needed.

1. Select Cloud VPS M

2. Do not change anything for the geolocation of your VPS server

3. Select 400GB SSD for storage type

4. Select Docker (Ubuntu 20.04)



Generate your passport and save it to your computer by copying and pasting into a notepad.

• Then, don’t touch anything and click on “NEXT”



Next, fill in the fields with your personal data

To complete your order:

Enter personal information and click “Next to proceed to payment”.

After payment, within 15 minutes, you’ll receive an email containing all the necessary information to connect to your VPS.


control panel

Connect To Your Server

MacOs: To connect via SSH from this operating system open the Terminal window. To find this tool go to “Application->Utilities->Terminal”

Windows: use Putty tool, install it


Copy IP and enter in app and click on Open button



Click on the “Accept” button, enter your username and password which were sent to your email.

note: to paste a copied command, right-click where you want to paste it.

Enter or paste your password again and type new password and retype it again.

putty accept

login root

Finally on your server! Go ahead and write or paste commands.

contabo server

Now you are ready for preparation part.

You should paste or type step by step the following commands.

We proceed to update the packages: (copy and paste these commands):

sudo apt-get install curl

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

The required libraries are installed with the following command:

sudo apt install pkg-config curl git build-essential libssl-dev -y

command 1

command 2

Install Screen:

apt install screen -y

Install docker compose:

sudo curl -L “$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)” -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

command 3

command 4

Make the downloaded file executable by changing the file permission with:

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

Check docker compose version:

docker-compose -v

command 5

Download and install validator

1) Copy the command line from the screenshot.

2) Press y and Enter many times to install validator.

3) Set the password for the Dashboard and press Enter.

4) Wait 10 minutes for the node to finish installing.


press enter

Open validator CLI

Go to the hidden Shardeum directory:

cd .shardeum

Start the CLI by running the following shell script:




Open validator GUI

While inside the shell script, write this command:

operator-cli gui start

cli gui

Go to your web browser (google chrome) write in URL bar your IP and port 8080 in the address bar.

Enter the password that you created during installation to connect to Dashboard and press “Connect” button.

web browser

connect validator

Start validator

Go to the “Maintenance” page, then click the “Start Node” button in the top left white box.

Now your Node is launched.

start node

launch node

Monitor validator

Go to “Performance” to see your node’s hardware performance.


Connect Wallet (MetaMask) to Betanet


Add the Liberty 2.x network and Sphinx 1.X


Get SHM from Betanet Faucet.


You will receive 15 SHM tokens.


Stake SHM to validator

When you receive your tokens, connect wallet, choose an amount and click on Stake.

If you see the “Standby” status for your node, that’s good. Your node will be active soon.

connect wallet


Congratulations! Now you can wait for future rewards as an early node validator.


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