A ransomware attack has hit several schools in Scranton, Pennsylvania, causing widespread technology outages. The Scranton School District confirmed the attack in a message to students on Friday, warning of temporary disruptions to computer systems and services. The district stated that they are working with forensic specialists to investigate the incident and restore full functionality to the system as quickly as possible.

Acting Superintendent Patrick Laffey confirmed the ransomware attack in an interview with The Times-Tribune, revealing that students were forced to do assignments with paper and pencil instead of their usual Chromebooks. This attack is just one of many that have targeted K-12 school districts in recent years. According to threat analyst Brett Callow, there have been at least 21 confirmed ransomware attacks against school districts in 2024.

Schools in other states, including New Jersey, have also experienced cyberattacks, leading to class cancellations and data theft. Last year, Emsisoft tracked at least 108 ransomware attacks on K-12 school districts. The situation in Scranton serves as a reminder of the growing threat of cyberattacks on educational institutions.


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