Manik Saha, managing director of SAP Labs Singapore, Eileen Chua, managing director of SAP Singapore, and Walter Sun, SVP and global AI head of SAP Singapore.

During the SAP TechEd in 2023 event in Bangalore, India, SAP unveiled a range of new generative AI capabilities and advancements designed to empower developers of all skill levels to enhance their businesses using AI.

Effective collaboration between professional and citizen developers is crucial for organizations looking to derive value from generative AI. To facilitate this, SAP has launched SAP Build Code solutions, which enable seamless cooperation with business experts using the low-code SAP Build solutions introduced in 2022. SAP Build Code solutions offer AI-powered productivity tools specifically designed for Java and JavaScript development within the SAP ecosystem. These solutions also utilize SAP’s new generative AI copilot Joule to improve productivity by embedding code generation capabilities for data model, application logic, and test script creation.

Walter Sun, SVP and global AI head of SAP Singapore, emphasized the unique business-oriented approach of SAP’s AI model during a media briefing. He explained that the goal is to create a business model that speaks the language of business and can produce specific business-related outputs such as charts and tables.

SAP also introduced AI Foundation, a one-stop-shop for developers to create AI-powered extensions and applications on SAP BTP. This includes access to large language models, vector database capabilities, and AI runtime and lifecycle management tools.

SAP has continued to pioneer innovation in the data space with new vector database features in the SAP HANA Cloud. These features enhance the interaction between large language models and an organization’s data, providing improved context and data insight in a secure and private framework.

In addition, SAP has launched new role-based certification and free learning resources for developers, aligning with its commitment to upskill two million professionals by 2025. These resources cover ABAP Cloud development tools on SAP BTP and SAP S/4HANA to support agile and cloud-compliant business transformation.

Manik Saha, managing director of SAP Labs Singapore, highlighted the company’s AI competency hub in Singapore and its role in empowering AI professionals in Southeast Asia. Eileen Chua, managing director of SAP Singapore, discussed the government’s support for AI initiatives and the collaborative efforts to drive AI adoption and innovation across various industries in Singapore.

Furthermore, SAP has joined the Stanford HAI Corporate Affiliate Program to work with the Stanford academic community on the intersection of generative AI and business.


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