Streaming TV giant Roku recently revealed that it had to cancel unauthorized subscriptions and issue refunds to more than 15,000 accounts due to what they described as “suspicious activity.” The company, which reported $3.4 billion in revenue last year, stated that hackers had used username and password combinations obtained from other breaches to access user accounts between the end of December and the end of February.

In breach notification letters, Roku explained that the hackers changed the login information for the affected accounts and in some cases, attempted to purchase streaming subscriptions. Fortunately, the unauthorized access did not expose sensitive personal information such as social security numbers or payment account details.

Roku’s security team immediately took action by forcing password resets and investigating account activity to identify any unauthorized charges. Any fraudulent charges were promptly canceled, and users were refunded. The company notified law enforcement and initiated measures to protect customers, although details on how they distinguished between legitimate and unauthorized charges were not provided.

Despite the swift response, Roku continues to investigate the incident to enhance customer protection. The company confirmed that 15,363 accounts were affected and has informed regulators in Maine while filing breach notification documents in California.

Security experts have cautioned about the widespread availability of compromised username and password combinations on the internet, enabling hackers to exploit password reuse across multiple platforms. This underscores the importance of strong password practices to safeguard against unauthorized access.


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