Rivers Casino Des Plaines has fallen victim to a major data breach, with cyber-attacks on gambling companies becoming a troubling trend among hackers. The breach occurred in August but went unnoticed until November, prompting the casino to notify both employees and customers about the theft of their personal information. The stolen data includes sensitive information such as social security numbers, driver’s license records, tax ID numbers, bank account numbers, and passport numbers. However, passwords and credit card information were not compromised. The casino is offering free credit monitoring tools to affected individuals as a precaution.

The identity of the hackers and the extent of the breach remain unknown, raising the possibility of an increased risk of identity theft for the millions of visitors the casino receives each month. Despite the breach, the casino’s operations have not been affected, and other casinos and their online gaming platform have not been impacted.

The FBI has warned of an increased risk of casino attacks and advised individuals to be cautious and consider using antivirus protection and checking their credit reports.


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