Raleon, a Web3 engagement platform, has secured $3.8 million in funding to support the development of its latest product, Embedded Quests. The funding round was led by Blockchange, Play Ventures, Alliance DAO, and Portal Ventures. This new product aims to help brands, games, and dApps convert and retain users by providing a personalized experience.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Raleon, Nathan Snell, expressed excitement about the funding and the opportunity to partner with investors to expand the platform. Raleon, founded by Snell and Adam Larson in 2022, uses growth analytics, Web3 Marketing Automation, Embedded Quests, and off-chain and on-chain data to optimize user retention and conversion for any Web3 project.

Snell noted that many projects and brands in the Web3 space struggle to use their websites or dApps as effective growth channels. As a result, they often rely on platforms like Discord for growth, which comes with its own challenges. To address this, Raleon provides tools and solutions for projects to better understand their customer base and engage with them in personalized and meaningful ways.

One of Raleon’s innovative features is Embedded Quests, which allows decentralized applications (dApps) to create personalized quests for users. These quests seamlessly integrate into the dApp without the need for coding. They leverage web2 and web3 data to target specific users and offer a variety of actions, from in-app engagements to on-chain tasks and NFT ownership verification. Successful quest completion is rewarded.

Sarah Barchichat, Events Lead at Game7 and Windranger Labs, praised Raleon’s Embedded Quests for their ability to gamify onboarding and conference experiences. The quests offered a fun and engaging way for community members to participate in Game7.

Compared to other web3 quests that often redirect users to external platforms for task completion, Raleon’s Embedded Quests provide a unified experience within the dApp. This feature has been adopted by industry leaders such as 0x, Phaver, and Game7, resulting in significant increases in conversion rates, activation rates, and engagement rates for customers.

With the funding secured, Raleon plans to further develop its platform and continue assisting projects and brands in their growth efforts within the Web3 space.


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