PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp. has been recognized for its ground-breaking water management solutions in the utilities sector. The company’s Leak Tagging App and Asset Registry and Performance Monitoring Software received awards at the 2023 Asian Technology Excellence Awards for their web technology and software in utilities. This prestigious recognition highlights PrimeWater’s excellence in improving water management through advanced leak detection and asset management within pipeline networks.

Atty Cezar Ong, Vice President for joint venture operations, expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized the company’s commitment to continuous innovation to better serve their customers.

The cloud-based Leak Tagging App and Asset Registry and Performance Monitoring Software have significantly improved PrimeWater’s operations by enabling more efficient monitoring and detection of leaks in the pipeline network. This has allowed for prompt repair of leaks, resulting in a reduction of water losses or non-revenue water (NRW) – a major challenge in water distribution, particularly in areas with aging pipes.

Since its development in 2022, the Leak Tagging App has facilitated the repair of 42,000 leaks, adding 6.77 million liters per day of recovered volume and benefiting over 50,000 people. The app provides valuable data on the causes and concentration of leaks, empowering water managers to make informed decisions on maintenance and replacement strategies.

The Asset Registry Software records infrastructure details, such as pipeline conditions and operational settings, to aid management in resolving day-to-day issues. This efficient asset inventory management improves operations and overall efficiency.

Mr. Ernie Delco, Technical Audit Group Head for PrimeWater, acknowledged that water losses from leakages and broken meters, also known as non-revenue water (NRW), are significant challenges for water districts nationwide. Through their partnerships with water districts, PrimeWater has successfully reduced NRW from 40% to 28%, equivalent to 190 million liters per day of recovered volume.

These digital solutions not only minimize inefficiencies but also enable PrimeWater to make informed decisions on future projects based on the data collected. By embracing the latest digital tools, PrimeWater demonstrates its commitment to sustainable water resource management and efficient water distribution for current and future generations.


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