Leaked screenshots allegedly showing upcoming artificial intelligence (AI) features on Instagram have stirred up excitement among internet users. App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shared the screenshots, which reveal potential AI tools that could transform the platform’s user experience.

One of the features highlighted in the screenshots is a tagging system for identifying AI-generated content. The screenshot shows a notification flagging a picture as AI-generated and provides a brief explanation of generative AI and how to spot posts using artificial intelligence. Additionally, the new feature labels content as “Image generated by Meta AI.” Paluzzi also suggested that Instagram may enable direct message summaries for content creators and influencers, making it easier for them to read brand messages.

Another AI feature showcased in the leaked screenshots is a photo editing tool called Restyle. This tool allows users to transform images into various visual styles, similar to other existing tools like Stable Doodle. Unlike regular social media filters that apply minor changes, Restyle lets users select visual styles such as paper art, comic, and 3D. The screenshots also suggest an AI brush tool that enables users to add or replace specific parts of an image, similar to Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Fill tool.

While Instagram’s parent company, Meta, has not confirmed these AI features, it has acknowledged the use of artificial intelligence systems to recommend and flag content on its platforms. Meta emphasizes that AI is employed to personalize user experiences and offers users control over the content they see. In line with this, Instagram has announced its development of AI projects, including modifying photos using text prompts and sharing them in Instagram Stories.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his support for the use of generative AI and confirmed ongoing AI projects within the company. These projects include creating AI agents with different capabilities and personalities to assist and entertain users. Zuckerberg has also highlighted the company’s commitment to sharing AI findings with open-source communities.

While the leaked screenshots have not been officially confirmed, it is evident that artificial intelligence will continue to shape our online experiences. As Meta explores various AI projects, the potential for AI to transform Instagram and other platforms remains significant.


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