It was expected that Sony would release a slim version of the PlayStation 5 to address the size and bulk of the original model. The design changes in the PS5 Slim are minimal, with a slight reduction in size and a new rally stripe. It essentially looks the same as the original.

There will be two slim models, one with a Ultra HD Blu-ray drive and one without for digital-only use. However, Sony is allowing the option to purchase an external Ultra HD Blu-ray drive for the digital-only version, which increases the cost. The pricing strategy behind this decision is unclear.

The slim models will have the same internal specifications as the original PS5 and come with 1TB of storage. However, considering the size of modern games, 1TB may not be sufficient, especially when factoring in future DLCs and patches.

Sony plans to release the slim models in select retailers globally and has no plans to produce more of the original PS5 models.

It remains to be seen if there will be high demand and scarcity for the PS5 Slim like there was for the original model. Given the current availability of PS5 stocks in stores, some consumers may not feel the need to purchase the slim version. However, there is speculation about the release of a PlayStation 5 Pro next year.


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