OPPO, the leading brand in the foldable market, has unveiled its newest devices, the Find N3 and Find N3 Flip foldable smartphones. These devices offer unmatched imaging, design, and usability, setting a new standard for the next-generation foldable experience. The Find N3 and Find N3 Flip have been designed to deliver breakthrough experiences in all aspects, allowing customers to expect more from their foldable phones.

According to Pete Lau, SVP and Chief Product Officer at OPPO, their goal is to create the best, and they have achieved that with the Find N3 and Find N3 Flip. The devices feature clear, bright, and comfortable displays, ensuring that users have an enjoyable experience. The cameras on these phones are also top-notch, capturing even the finest details. With flagship performance and features that cater to the customers’ needs, the Find N3 and Find N3 Flip empower creativity, productivity, and self-expression, unlocking a new level of foldable excellence.

The Find N3 combines a thin and light design with an elevated aesthetic. It boasts the sharpest and brightest screens among foldable smartphones and is the first foldable to feature a pro-grade imaging system. The advanced cameras, stacked pixel technology, and Hasselblad tuning and modes, combined with the next-generation capabilities of ColorOS 13.2, enable PC-level productivity. The device also offers exceptional performance, battery life, and charging speeds, all packed in a slim and stylish package.

On the other hand, the Find N3 Flip brings several industry-first features to the flip phone category. It is the first flagship triple-camera flip phone and the first to incorporate a telephoto lens. The vertical cover screen of the Find N3 Flip supports third-party apps, providing a seamless experience whether the phone is open or closed. With its premium styling, flagship performance, and refined ColorOS 13.2, it sets a new standard for flip phones.

The Find N3 and Find N3 Flip boast the clearest and brightest foldable screens. Their large and comfortable displays have the highest pixel density, ensuring a brilliant view. The screens are also designed to be comfortable for extended use, with a 1440Hz PWM dimming feature. The devices offer a smooth scrolling experience with a 120Hz dynamic refresh rate and are easily visible even in direct sunlight, thanks to their high peak brightness of up to 2,800 nits. The unfolded screen of the Find N3 is almost crease-free, providing an uninterrupted view.

In terms of design, OPPO has paid great attention to durability and style. The third-generation Flexion Hinge ensures the Find N3’s durability, with the phone undergoing rigorous testing to withstand 1 million folds. The device is also IPX4 splash-resistant. Despite being thin and light, the Find N3 feels solid in hand, thanks to its easy-to-grip flat sides and curved corners. It is available in Classic Black with a glass back and Champagne Gold with a vegan leather back.

The Find N3 boasts three pro-grade cameras, covering a wide range of focal lengths. It introduces the Sony 48MP LYTIA-T808 sensor on foldable phones, which allows for reduced noise, superior dynamic range, and detailed photos and videos. The device’s ultra-wide camera captures expansive landscapes and macro shots, while the ultra-thin periscope telephoto camera provides detailed zoom shots. Portrait photography is enhanced with Hasselblad Portrait Mode and OPPO’s Computational Photography engine.

Running on Android 13 with ColorOS 13.2, the Find N3 offers a long-lasting and quality software experience. It comes with the Global TaskBar, App Library, and File Pocket features, improving productivity on the big-screen foldable device. Users can easily work across multiple apps with the Boundless View feature, which displays multiple apps side by side. The device also prioritizes privacy with features like Sound-Sealed Call and a dedicated security chip for file protection.

The Find N3 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, delivering improved performance and efficiency. It offers ample storage and RAM for flagship gaming and multitasking. The device features a large battery for day-long power and supports 67W SUPERVOOC fast charging, allowing for quick top-ups. The Find N3 Flip provides a seamless experience with its cover screen, offering real-time information, quick shortcuts, and support for third-party apps.

OPPO’s Find N3 and Find N3 Flip redefine the foldable smartphone experience, providing unrivaled imaging, design, and usability. These devices set a new gold standard for next-generation foldable phones, empowering users to expect more from their foldable devices.


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