The Lazarus Group, a North Korean hacking group, is reported to have over $47 million in cryptocurrency, mainly in Bitcoin (BTC)., an institutional crypto platform provider, has found that the group’s wallets contain around 1,600 Bitcoin, 10,810 Ether (ETH), and 64,490 Binance Coin (BNB).

Overall, the value of the hacker group’s crypto assets is estimated to be $75 million. The data was compiled by from a Dune Analytics dashboard that tracks 295 wallets linked to Lazarus Group. It’s worth noting that the group’s crypto holdings appear to have decreased from $86 million after their alleged involvement in the hack, which saw the crypto casino lose around $40 million. While these reported holdings are significant, believes the actual amount held by the group may be even higher.

Lazarus Group has been involved in several major crypto thefts, including the attacks on CoinEx, Sky Mavis’ Ronin Bridge, Harmony’s Horizon Bridge, and the Atomic Wallet. The US government states that half of North Korea’s missile funding comes from cybercrimes and crypto theft, highlighting the need to understand their creative tactics in this field.


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