Senior citizens are prioritizing the use of an innovative tool to protect their data privacy following a major data leak. The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has responded to the ransomware attack by the Medusa Ransomware Group, which exposed the personal data of millions of Filipinos.

The NPC has launched the “Na-leak ba ang PhilHealth Data ko?” portal to empower citizens, especially senior citizens, to verify the security of their data. This tool allows individuals to check if their personal information was compromised in the leak by entering their PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN).

The portal focuses on individuals aged 60 and above, who are particularly vulnerable to scams and other malicious activities. The NPC developed the portal in a short period to demonstrate their commitment to protecting citizens’ personal information. It is essential to note that this portal pertains specifically to the PhilHealth data leak and does not cover other incidents or sources.

The initiative also serves as a preventive measure, reminding individuals that unauthorized processing of the leaked data is a violation of the Data Privacy Act of 2012. The NPC plans to regularly update the portal’s database to include data from all age groups affected by the data leak. To access the “Na-leak ba ang PhilHealth Data ko?” portal, individuals can visit

For inquiries or more information, the NPC can be contacted at [email protected]. This innovative tool reflects the government’s commitment to ensuring the digital safety and security of citizens’ personal information in an era where data privacy is of utmost importance.


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