Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is rapidly changing the way we work, and the tools available today have enabled us to do more in less time. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most mind-blowing A.I. tools you can use now that will save you hours of work. With the help of A.I., you can automate tedious processes, improve efficiency, and reduce human error. I’ll cover A.I. tools that are accessible to all, ranging from free open-source tools to sophisticated commercially available products. Whether you’re an individual looking to streamline a task, or an enterprise looking to gain an edge over the competition, there will be something here for you. So, let’s dive in and explore the incredible potential of A.I.

1. Lex

Unlock your best writing with Lex. Any time you don’t know how to continue your text, type +++, and Lex continues for you. It also helps generate titles for your texts!


2. Runway

The runway is the content creation suite of the future. It has magical AI tools like:
• change images with text descriptions
• remove objects in videos
• remove video backgrounds
• expand images with descriptions (as seen in the video)


3. DiffusionBee

DiffusionBee is a free macOS app for Stable Diffusion. Give it a text prompt, and it generates a picture based on your text.


4. Lexica

Providing prompts for text-to-image solutions is an art. LexicaArt is a Stable Diffusion search engine that shows prompts others have used to generate images. You can also see variations of a prompt.


5. Metaphor

Metaphor is a new search engine based on generative AI. You prompt it by writing a phrase that looks like it could end with a link.


6. Soundraw

Do you need some unique music for your podcast or video? Soundraw is a music generator for creators. Select the type of music you want – genre, instruments, mood, length, etc. – and let their AI generate beautiful songs and variants for you.


7. ClipDrop

Relight your existing photos & drawings with ClipDrop Relight. Relighting a picture after it is captured is possible thanks to their custom AI that maps depth into your pictures.


8. Talk to Books

Get quotes from more than 100 000 books that respond to your question. A creativity tool by Google to explore new ideas and get relevant quotes.



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