Maya digital bank is here to debunk common money myths that may be holding you back from mastering your finances. Don’t let these misconceptions haunt your money moves this Halloween season.

Myth #1: Opening an online bank account is complicated and unsafe.

Contrary to popular belief, opening an online bank account with Maya is as easy as a few clicks. There is no minimum balance requirement, and you only need one valid ID. Rest assured, Maya is both user-friendly and secure, regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and deposits are covered by the PDIC up to P500,000. Say goodbye to worries and enjoy a seamless online banking experience.

Myth #2: Your money sleeps in a savings account.

Forget the idea that your money just sits idle in a savings account. With Maya, your money actually grows. Every time you make payments using Maya, you can boost your interest up to 14% p.a. Watch your savings grow as you spend.

Myth #3: Saving for big ticket items is challenging.

Saving for significant purchases can be daunting, but Maya makes it easy and enjoyable. With Maya’s Personal Goals feature, you can save smartly with a fixed 4% p.a. interest. Whether it’s a dream vacation or your future dream home, Maya empowers you to turn your big dreams into a reality.

Myth #4: You need a lot of money to start investing.

Investing is not just for the wealthy. With Maya Funds, you can start your investment journey with as little as P50. You don’t need a fortune to begin building your wealth.

Myth #5: Borrowing money is always a bad thing.

Contrary to popular belief, borrowing money can be beneficial in certain situations. Maya Credit offers up to P18,000 cash in a flash, helping you handle unexpected expenses or finance a big purchase without depleting your savings. Don’t fear borrowing, as Maya is here to help you navigate financial challenges.

This Halloween, let Maya dispel these money myths and embrace their suite of financial treats for effective money management.


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