Linux is an open-source software operating systems built around the Linux kernel. Typically, Linux is packaged in a form known as a Linux distribution (or distro for short) for both desktop and server use.

This is a compilation of different Linux commands which can be run using bash.




adduserAdd a new user
archPrint machine architecture
awkFind and Replace text within file(s)
bcAn arbitrary precision calculator language
calDisplay a calendar
catConcatenate files and print on the standard output
chdirChange working directory
chgrpChange the group ownership of files
chkconfigTool for maintaining the /etc/rc[0-6].d directory hierarchy
chmodChange the access permissions of files and directories
chownChange the user and group ownership of files
chrootChange root directory
cksumPrint CRC checksum and byte counts
clearClear terminal screen
cmpCompare two files
commCompare two sorted files line by line
cpCopy one or more files to another location
cronDaemon to execute scheduled commands
crontabSchedule a command to run at a later time
csplitSplit a file into context-determined pieces
cutDivide a file into several parts
dateDisplay or change the date & time
dcDesk Calculator
ddData Dump – Convert and copy a file
dfDisplay free disk space
diffDisplay the differences between two files
diff3Show differences among three files
dirBriefly list directory contents
dircolorsColour setup for `ls’
dirnameConvert a full pathname to just a path
duEstimate file space usage
echoDisplay message on screen
edA line-oriented text editor (edlin)
egrepSearch file(s) for lines that match an extended expression
ejectEject CD-ROM
envDisplay, set, or remove environment variables
expandConvert tabs to spaces
exprEvaluate expressions
factorPrint prime factors
FALSEDo nothing, unsuccessfully
fdformatLow-level format a floppy disk
fdiskPartition table manipulator for Linux
fgrepSearch file(s) for lines that match a fixed string
findSearch for files that meet a desired criteria
fmtReformat paragraph text
foldWrap text to fit a specified width
formatFormat disks or tapes
freeDisplay memory usage
fsckFilesystem consistency check and repair
gawkFind and Replace text within file(s)
grepSearch file(s) for lines that match a given pattern
groupsPrint group names a user is in
gzipCompress or decompress named file(s)
headOutput the first part of file(s)
hostnamePrint or set system name
idPrint user and group id’s
infoHelp info
installCopy files and set attributes
joinJoin lines on a common field
killStop a process from running
lessDisplay output one screen at a time
lnMake links between files
locateFind files
lognamePrint current login name
lpcLine printer control program
lprOff line print
lprmRemove jobs from the print queue
lsList information about file(s)
manHelp manual
mkdirCreate new folder(s)
mkfifoMake FIFOs (named pipes)
mknodMake block or character special files
moreDisplay output one screen at a time
mountMount a file system
mvMove or rename files or directories
niceSet the priority of a command or job
nlNumber lines and write files
nohupRun a command immune to hangups
passwdModify a user password
pasteMerge lines of files
pathchkCheck file name portability
prConvert text files for printing
printcapPrinter capability database
printenvPrint environment variables
printfFormat and print data
psProcess status
pwdPrint Working Directory
quotaDisplay disk usage and limits
quotacheckScan a file system for disk usage
quotactlSet disk quotas
ramram disk device
rcpCopy files between two machines
rmRemove files
rmdirRemove folder(s)
rpmRemote Package Manager
rsyncRemote file copy (Synchronize file trees)
screenTerminal window manager
sdiffMerge two files interactively
sedStream Editor
selectAccept keyboard input
seqPrint numeric sequences
shutdownShutdown or restart linux
sleepDelay for a specified time
sortSort text files
splitSplit a file into fixed-size pieces
suSubstitute user identity
sumPrint a checksum for a file
symlinkMake a new name for a file
syncSynchronize data on disk with memory
tacConcatenate and write files in reverse
tailOutput the last part of files
tarTape Archiver
teeRedirect output to multiple files
testEvaluate a conditional expression
timeMeasure Program Resource Use
touchChange file timestamps
topList processes running on the system
tracerouteTrace Route to Host
trTranslate, squeeze, and/or delete characters
TRUEDo nothing, successfully
tsortTopological sort
ttyPrint filename of terminal on stdin
umountUnmount a device
unamePrint system information
unexpandConvert spaces to tabs
uniqUniquify files
unitsConvert units from one scale to another
unsharUnpack shell archive scripts
useraddCreate new user account
usermodModify user account
usersList users currently logged in
uuencodeEncode a binary file
uudecodeDecode a file created by uuencode
vdirVerbosely list directory contents (`ls -l -b’)
watchExecute/display a program periodically
wcPrint byte, word, and line counts
whereisReport all known instances of a command
whichLocate a program file in the user’s path
whoPrint all usernames currently logged in
whoamiPrint the current user id and name (`id -un’)
xargsExecute utility, passing constructed argument list(s)
yesPrint a string until interrupted