Iraq to Lift Ban on Telegram Messaging App Following Security Concerns

Erbil, Iraq – Iraq’s telecoms ministry is set to lift the ban on the popular messaging app, Telegram, this coming Sunday. The ban was imposed earlier this week due to security concerns and data leaks of official state institutions and citizens. Telegram is widely used in Iraq not only for messaging purposes but also as a platform for news dissemination and content sharing.

The ministry explained in a statement that the decision to lift the ban came after the company that owns Telegram responded to the security authorities’ requirements. These authorities had called on the company to disclose the entities responsible for leaking citizens’ data. The company also expressed its willingness to cooperate with the relevant authorities.

In a response to Reuters’ request for comment, a member of Telegram’s press team stated that the posting of private data without consent is strictly prohibited by the app’s terms of service. Content violating these terms is routinely removed by the company’s moderators. The spokesperson further clarified that while several channels containing personal data were taken down, no private user data was requested from Telegram, nor has any been shared.

Last week, the telecoms ministry had criticized the company for failing to respond to its request to shut down platforms that leaked official state institutions’ data and citizens’ personal information.

Telegram is well-known for its encryption features and secret chats, which have drawn both praise and criticism. The app has gained popularity in Iraq not only among individuals but also among extremist groups, leading to concerns over the misuse and dissemination of sensitive information.

The lifting of the Telegram ban in Iraq is expected to be welcomed by the app’s numerous users who heavily rely on it for communication and news consumption.


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