Ubisoft made headlines in July 2023 when they announced the cancellation of the highly-anticipated sequel to “Immortals: Fenyx Rising,” the Greek-inspired open-world adventure game released in 2020. Now, new details have emerged, shedding light on the ambitious plans for the sequel and how it was intended to diverge from Ubisoft’s traditional game design.

According to Axios’ Stephen Totilo, who revealed the information on August 21, the sequel, codenamed “Oxygen,” was set to combine elements from FromSoftware’s action RPG, “Elden Ring,” and Nintendo’s iconic game, “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.” Anonymous sources familiar with the game’s development shared details, describing it as a vast game set in a fictionalized version of the Polynesian archipelago, created in collaboration with Polynesian consultants.

The objective was to create a game that stood apart from Ubisoft’s existing portfolio. Unlike typical Ubisoft games with cluttered maps filled with countless markers, “Immortals 2” would have introduced fewer map markers, encouraging players to explore and find their own way using methods such as tracking animals, following the wind, or navigating by the stars in the in-game sky, as inspired by “Elden Ring.”

The sequel would have further distinguished itself from its predecessor by showcasing more realistic graphics, eliminating the first game’s narrator, reducing the number of puzzles, and incorporating a more malleable story with significant player choices. Players would have attempted to gain the favor of various Polynesian gods, granting them special elemental powers and the ability to shape-shift. The choices made in the game would leave permanent marks, in the form of tattoos on the character’s body. These choices would also impact the different islands within the game’s setting.

Axios reports that Ubisoft’s decision to cancel “Immortals 2” was driven, in part, by a desire to focus on established intellectual properties, like the upcoming “Assassin’s Creed Red.” While the first game was developed in just over a year, the sequel was taking longer due to its ambitious scope and smaller development team. However, internal demos by spring 2023 showcased several playable hours, placing Ubisoft at a crossroads whether to invest in full development or abandon the project.

While the cancellation may disappoint fans, the prospect of a sequel that deviated from the usual Ubisoft formula and embraced a more expansive and unique gameplay experience left enthusiasts excited. Unfortunately, it seems that more “Assassin’s Creed” games will take precedence for now, leaving the fate of “Immortals: Fenyx Rising” uncertain.


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