A cyberattack in February compromised 11 email accounts at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the organization revealed on Friday.

According to a brief statement released by the IMF, the cyber incident was discovered on February 16. The organization conducted an investigation with the help of independent cybersecurity experts to determine the breach’s nature and took remediation actions. It was confirmed that eleven IMF email accounts were compromised.

The IMF assured that the impacted email accounts were secured again, and there is no indication of further compromise beyond these accounts. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Reportedly, none of the email accounts accessed belonged to senior leaders of the organization. When asked about the attackers and the information accessed, a spokesperson declined to reveal more details for security reasons.

The IMF, composed of 190 member countries, provides financial stability by offering billions in funding to governments worldwide annually. The organization’s last cybersecurity incident was in 2011 when a nation-state actor breached their systems and accessed sensitive files, prompting the IMF to sever digital connections with the World Bank to contain the infiltration. Strange file transfers from one computer led IT workers to discover the breach, during which emails and documents were taken.

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