The debate between human intuition and machine insights has been a long-standing one, and yPredict, a blockchain project, is aiming to provide an answer. By incorporating sophisticated AI-driven analytics, yPredict is challenging the traditional trading methods that heavily rely on human analysis, suggesting a future where machines may have the upper hand.

The project has successfully attracted investors, raising $3.56 million with an average daily raise of $11,880.53. These funding achievements have positioned yPredict among the best crypto presales in the market.

yPredict is currently in the process of developing a user-friendly trading platform that includes advanced AI analytics focused on crypto and SEO analysis. The project is funding its development through the presale of its native $YPRED token. Holders of this token will enjoy various benefits within the yPredict ecosystem, including potential staking rewards and discounts on the platform’s tool suite.

Out of the 100 million $YPRED tokens, 80% are available for public presale. The tokens are currently priced at $0.1 each in the seventh stage of the presale. It is expected that the price will increase to $0.11 as the next funding milestone approaches. Furthermore, yPredict anticipates listing the token on cryptocurrency exchanges at a rate of $0.12 later this year.

At its core, yPredict aims to create an AI-driven platform for crypto price prediction and analytics. The project’s mission is to provide traders and investors with access to AI-backed signals, pattern recognition, and sentiment analysis based on news and social media. These predictive models and insights are crafted by a select group of AI developers.

The platform is also offering a beta version of its platform to AI enthusiasts and is developing a marketplace for Machine Learning developers to list their predictive model subscriptions.

yPredict is not solely focused on crypto trading analytics, as it has expanded into creating AI tools for content teams. Its Backlink Estimator tool has received a remarkable response, with over 5,000 requests within the first 24 hours of its introduction. Consequently, yPredict has revised its pricing model, charging $99 per query.

Participants of the presale will gain special privileges, including unlimited access to the Backlink Estimator tool and future tools. Additionally, yPredict is working on a collaborative SEO-friendly content editor named WriteMingle, and has hinted at releasing a content solution tailored for medium to large content teams in the near future.

The $YPRED token plays a pivotal role in the yPredict ecosystem, offering gateway access to the platform’s services. Token holders will benefit from staking yields and discounts on tools. To ensure transparency, yPredict has allocated the remaining 20% of tokens to liquidity (10%), treasury (5%), and development (5%).

yPredict’s journey represents the evolving role of AI in trading. As the project continues its development phase, the crypto community eagerly watches its progress. Platforms like yPredict are carving out a space where advanced analytics and human intuition can coexist.


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