The mayor of Pays Fouesnantais, a coastal township in Brittany in northwestern France, reported that the municipal authority experienced a significant cyberattack that disrupted all community services. The nature of the attack is not yet confirmed, but the mayor, Roger Le Goff, stated that the incident caused a major problem and shut down all IT services. The only system still operational is the passport and national identity card service, which is managed centrally by the French government. A message on the council’s website warned that all community services, including the local aquatic leisure center and the town’s CIAS, were impacted. Despite this, the community and leisure centers would remain open with limited services. The 10,000 residents of the area were asked to defer non-urgent inquiries. The attack was detected on a Friday, and the authorities were in the process of analyzing the extent of the damage. Similar incidents affecting other French organizations have occurred recently, including online parcel services, news sites, and eco-engineering companies. France was among the signatories to a pledge against ransomware, committing not to pay in the event of an attack. Although the pledge only applies to government-controlled organizations, the signatories strongly discourage anyone from paying a ransomware demand.


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