Magic Word Puzzle (Unity Game + Android + iOS + AdMob)

Magic Word Puzzle (Unity Game + Android + iOS + AdMob)

Demo Apk

Demo APK

Unity Source Code For Both iOS and Android
Ready To Publish

- In-app purchases to buy coins
- Words and GUI are in 9 languages: English, Turkish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Hindi, Urdo and Russian
- Each language has 500+ levels. Starts with a 2×2 grid and goes to as far as 7×7. Data is in Sqlite database.
- A new language with new words can be added with the provided grid generator.
- Daily rewards that last for 7 days.
- 3 ways to spend coins
- Features Admob interstitial and Rewarded video ads
- Rate US and More Apps Button added
- The best attractive UI
- Comes with a 10-page help document that instructs how to setup and customize the game.