An American bitcoiner named Corbin Keegan has reportedly become the first international resident of El Salvador’s Bitcoin City, settling in the area where the city is being constructed. Keegan was attracted to Conchagua, in La Unión, a proposed site for Bitcoin City, after President Nayib Bukele announced its construction. Despite language barriers, Keegan has been warmly received by the community and proudly identifies as a resident of Conchagua on his social media pages.

El Salvador: Bitcoin Beach Inspiration?

Keegan believes that Bitcoin City will be the best city on Earth and expresses admiration for El Zonte, the first BTC-powered community in El Salvador that inspired Bukele’s adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender. While Keegan primarily uses Bitcoin for transactions, he acknowledges some limitations in its acceptance.

Keegan’s X (Twitter) bio. (Source: Screenshot/X)

While Keegan’s residency is celebrated by some, it’s worth noting that he has posted offensive and potentially harmful content on his social media platforms, including antisemitic sentiments and misinformation about coronavirus vaccinations.

The media outlet has been approached for comment, but regardless, they highlight that Keegan supports a local fishing family and enthusiastically embraces Bitcoin’s global usage.