Stablecoin issuer, TrueUSD, recently experienced a security breach that resulted in the exposure of personally identifiable information of some of its clients. The breach affected clients who joined between 2018 and 2019 and included details such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Sensitive information like mailing addresses, dates of birth, bank names, transaction histories, and blockchain wallet public addresses were also compromised.

The breach was attributed to TrueCoin, a former service provider responsible for banking, customer onboarding, and product management. TrueCoin notified TrueUSD after a third-party vendor noticed unusual account activity. However, it is worth noting that TrueCoin claimed no evidence of the attacker downloading or altering any personal information from its systems.

TrueCoin’s cybersecurity and engineering teams promptly investigated the breach and took immediate steps to prevent unauthorized access. TrueUSD advises clients to be vigilant against phishing attacks and monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity. Clients are encouraged to contact TrueUSD if they notice any unusual behavior.


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