GoDaddy Studio’s Instant Video is the ultimate content creation hub for entrepreneurs. If you’re a small business owner or content creator looking to enhance your online presence affordably, GoDaddy has launched “Instant Video” in their Studio app. This AI-powered feature is designed to make content creation effortless for small business owners.

GoDaddy Studio offers a wide range of creative templates for websites, social media, marketing, and more. Entrepreneurs can easily create and customize content that can be used across various platforms for customer engagement and business growth.

Instant Video is a game-changer for entrepreneurs as it allows them to create stunning videos without additional expenses. With AI technology, users can choose the perfect video style that aligns with their brand and message. These professional-quality videos are watermark-free, rivaling those made by influencers. The app can even generate catchy slogans based on uploaded clips or images. It is user-friendly and suitable for video enthusiasts of all levels.

Music is essential in setting the mood for videos. GoDaddy partnered with Melodie to provide users with royalty-free tunes created by independent artists, supporting musicians worldwide.

Another exciting feature of GoDaddy Studio is the ability to purchase a domain name directly within the app. Additionally, users receive a free version of Website Builder with the option to upgrade to a matching email address.

For those who want to take their content creation to the next level, GoDaddy Studio offers a wide range of stock photos and videos, licensed music, pre-designed transitions, brand elements, graphics, and stickers. This allows entrepreneurs to experiment and make their social media engagement stand out.

All these features are exclusively available in the GoDaddy Studio app for iOS and Android.


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