ConsenSys, a prominent Ethereum software company, has announced the discontinuation of Truffle and Ganache, two widely used toolkits for developing and testing smart contracts on Ethereum. The company is shifting its focus to MetaMask toolkits like Snaps and SDK to empower developers.

To ensure a smooth transition, ConsenSys will partner with HardHat to support developers in writing and deploying new software on the Ethereum network.

Truffle Suite, acquired by ConsenSys in 2020, has been a crucial development framework since its launch in 2015. It facilitates the building, testing, and deployment of smart contracts on Ethereum, along with Ganache, which aids in creating, evaluating, and deploying smart contracts.

In the Ethereum development community, these two toolkits are highly sought-after.

ConsenSys has clarified that Truffle and Ganache will remain accessible for the next three months to allow developers to migrate to HardHat and other solutions. They will also provide support through Zendesk, Truffle GitHub discussions, Ganache GitHub discussions, and ConsenSys Discord during this transition period.

After this period, the Truffle and Ganache codebases will be publicly available through public archives.

Georgios Konstantopoulos, the Chief Technology Officer and Partner of Paradigm, commented that this marks the “end of an era,” as he wrote his first smart contract using Truffle Suite.

ConsenSys is shifting towards MetaMask Snaps and SDK to expedite the development of its products, and the Truffle engineering team is actively contributing to these projects.

MetaMask “Snaps” are decentralized applications built by third-party developers that extend the functionality of the MetaMask wallet. Consensys’ head of strategy, Simon Morris, mentioned that the upcoming MetaMask Snaps will function similarly to Apple’s App Store.

Consensys is making significant investments in these innovative tools and APIs to empower developers in building robust dApps using MetaMask, Infura, and Linea. While MetaMask Snaps are still in development, they are expected to be released soon.

Additionally, ConsenSys has launched the ConsenSys Fellowship Program, aimed at providing vital assistance to startups and founders in the Web3 space. The program will equip participants with the skills to leverage the potential of Web3 technologies, particularly those integrated within the ConsenSys software suite.

The inaugural cohort of the program will consist of 15 startups, engaging in a 12-week immersive experience that includes hands-on activities, interactive workshops, and case studies.


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