Cryptocurrency miners have formed a dedicated mining lobbyist group called the Digital Energy Council in an effort to address concerns among citizens and policymakers. The group was unveiled on August 15 and aims to engage in discussions with policymakers in Washington regarding the sustainability of crypto mining and advocate for policies that promote growth in the sector. The team emphasizes their commitment to supporting miners while also ensuring compliance with energy laws and protecting national security.

Although miners face regulatory challenges globally, the group will initially focus its efforts in the United States. Thomas Mapes, the founder and President of the Digital Energy Council, believes this initiative is long overdue and aims to counter the negative narrative against the industry. Mapes, a former Energy Director at the Chamber of Digital Commerce, sees virtual assets mining companies as energy companies of the future and expects major energy providers to explore ways to get involved in this technology.

Crypto miners have faced setbacks this year, including the proposed 30% digital asset mining tax by the Biden Administration and scrutiny over their environmental impact. The Chinese mining ban, which slowed the growth of the sector, also highlighted the need for positive legislation in the digital asset space. The new mining lobbyist group consists of major digital asset firms and mining companies, some of which are publicly listed.


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