While ChatGPT and Bard have gained widespread acclaim for their exceptional capabilities, it is worth noting that there exists another formidable player in the realm of AI chat systems. This free third alternative is no less potent, boasting impressive power and functionality that make it a force to be reckoned with.

What you need to know about Bing Chat:

→ 100% free with no limits
→ Accessible on PC and mobile
→ Creative mode uses GPT-4 for free (paid $20 on ChatGPT Plus)

Here’s how to best use it:

1. Image creation

Unlike ChatGPT and Bard, Bing allows you to generate images.

In creative mode, type “Create an image:” followed by your prompt.

2. Real time internet access

You need to pay $20 ChatGPT Plus to access the internet.

Bing (like Bard) does it for free, so you can summarize news.

3. Sources

Bing has the advantage of giving the sources of its answers.

Very useful to verify information or to go deeper in the research.

4. Mobile app

Bing has a free Android and iOS mobile app.

It even allows you to speak rather than write, a huge time saver!

5. Export your conversations

ChatGPT still doesn’t allow you to export your conversations easily.

Bing allows you to do it and to choose the format.


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