Staples, an American office supply retailer, recently experienced a cyberattack that led to the takedown of some of its systems in order to contain the breach’s impact and protect customer data. The company operates 994 stores in the US and Canada, along with 40 fulfillment centers for product storage and dispatch.

The cyberattack led to operational problems, as reported by multiple Reddit posts, including an inability to access various Staples internal operations. Employees commented on Reddit about the disruptions and shared their concerns.

Staples confirmed the cyberattack and the subsequent need to take protective action, resulting in temporary disruptions to backend processing and product delivery, as well as communications channels and customer service lines. The company assured that stores remain open, although online orders may experience delays due to the ongoing systems issue.

Although no ransomware was deployed in the attack, there is still uncertainty regarding potential data theft while the threat actors had access to Staples’ network. In past incidents, such as a multi-day outage in 2023 and a data breach in 2020, the company has faced similar cybersecurity challenges.


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