Cashmere Labs A LayerZero-based project with over $30M valuation, backed by Binance Labs.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be eligible before the snapshot.

Cashmere Labs is an omnichain interoperability MEV Resistant DEX Aggregator & Stableswap on Layerzero Labs.

Cashmere is a unique application with both a stable swap and an asset aggregator in one platform.

Its stable swap uses its own liquidity as a Layer 2 solution.


Cashmere Labs received a funding amount of $3 million in a seed round from Coinbase Ventures, Y Combinator, and other VCs.

With a valuation of over $30 million.

1% of the token supply will be distributed to the community as an airdrop.


Follow these steps to be eligible for the airdrop:

The first step is, Add any chain:

Goerli, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB, and Avalanche testnet

Add any chain

Use Faucet and Request Testnet Tokens

Connect your wallet and request tokens from any chain.

faucet goerli

Participate in the testnet: make some swaps on any chain.


Complete Layer3 quests


Claim Galxe OAT (CashmereLabs Testnet Early Adopter)

Galxe OAT

Unlock roles by joining the guild


CashmereLabs Testnet Early Adopter

You can also mint this limited NFT on the Ethereum Mainnet until May 29, 2023, for 0.001 ETH and ~$10 in gas fees.

note: it is not necessary, but it can be a crucial part of future airdrops.

limited NFT


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