In the world of cyber insurance, New York-based company Resilience has recently acquired Texas-based cybersecurity company BreachQuest to enhance their overall incident management solution.

The acquisition was made official this month, as the announcement was made by Resilience co-founder and CEO Vishaal “V8” Hariprasad. Resilience is a cyber insurance startup backed by $217M in funding.

BreachQuest offers an incident response solution that integrates into cloud office systems, providing team leaders with a detailed look back for incident forensics. It also speeds up incident response efforts, reduces containment time, and lowers incident costs.

Despite the recent workforce decline of BreachQuest, Resilience plans to integrate its technology into their cyber risk management software. They believe the addition will prove useful in reducing the financial impact of cyber risks facing their clients.

Both companies have high hopes for the future. Shaun Gordon, BreachQuest co-founder and CEO, is excited to further scale their mission of improving clients’ cyber resilience. Tim Riley, SVP of Business Development, believes that the synergy between BreachQuest’s cutting-edge platform and Resilience’s proactive approach to incident management will provide clients with the resources to effectively reduce the financial impact of impending cyber threats.


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