Overwatch 2 Director Responds to Steam Review Bombing.

Friday saw a response from Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller regarding the game’s Steam review bombing, resulting in it becoming one of the most negatively reviewed games on the platform. The launch of Overwatch 2’s season six, titled Invasion, brought new features like a support hero, game mode, PvE story missions, and the game’s debut on Steam. However, instead of providing a convenient way for players to enjoy the colorful team-based shooter, the game’s Steam launch led to an overwhelming number of negative reviews.

While some users left reviews joking about the Source Film Maker porn-creation scene being better than the actual game, the majority of players expressed disappointment with Overwatch 2’s failure to deliver on its promised story mode. Keller acknowledged the game’s dismal Steam reviews in a recent blog post, mentioning that despite the unpleasant experience of being review bombed, it was encouraging to see new players joining Overwatch 2.

Keller also addressed the primary reasons for dissatisfaction mentioned in the reviews, specifically the cancellation of a larger PvE component that was announced in 2019. He expressed understanding for players’ disappointment and explained that the announced project couldn’t be delivered. However, he emphasized the team’s commitment to continuously add and improve Overwatch 2 with more maps, heroes, game modes, missions, stories, events, cosmetics, and features. Keller referred to this as the future of Overwatch, an ever-expanding and evolving game.

In his closing remarks, Keller highlighted the uniqueness of Overwatch as a game and world, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in achieving in-game objectives. He encouraged players to give the hero shooter a sincere try on Steam.


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