Bitcoin BSC, a Bitcoin clone derivative coin, has launched its stake-to-earn coin amidst a time when the price of Bitcoin itself has been struggling. While Bitcoin has experienced a -2.3% decrease in the past three months, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a fork of Bitcoin, has seen a 73% increase during the same time period.

Bitcoin BSC aims to replicate the success of these Bitcoin clone coins by utilizing staking as its not-so-secret weapon. Staking provides token holders with the opportunity to earn token rewards based on the amount of coins they deposit and the duration they choose to stake for. Bitcoin BSC has incorporated staking into its design from the beginning. Unlike other staking platforms, Bitcoin BSC offers transparent staking with a clearly defined source of yield.

The coin plans to distribute 69% of its total token supply as rewards over a 120-year period. Bitcoin BSC’s staking feature not only provides price support, but also offers positive capital returns and income yield to network participants. Interested individuals can currently stake Bitcoin BSC before it lists on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange. The coin is available at a low price of $0.99, which presents an opportunity for substantial upside potential in the future.

Bitcoin BSC has the same total token supply as Bitcoin (21 million) and a presale market cap of $6,063,750. The coin offers advantages over Bitcoin and other Bitcoin clone coins, such as lower transaction fees and faster transaction speeds. It runs on the BNB Smart Chain and has the potential for future development and expansion. Overall, Bitcoin BSC presents an opportunity for investors to gain significant returns in the Bitcoin derivative clone sector.


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