Beware of Temu phishing scams: 800 new ‘Temu’ domains registered in the past 3 months

Cybersecurity experts are warning users to be on high alert as scammers are using fake giveaways under the brand name Temu to steal credentials. More than 800 new ‘Temu’ domains have been registered in the past three months in this phishing scam.

Temu is an international e-commerce store that offers discounted goods shipped directly to consumers and is frequently shopped via app, according to a report. The phishing email identified by researchers in the Temu scam claims to be from Temu Rewards but is actually sent by an unrelated email address with a blank image and a link to a credential harvesting page.

This type of scam is not new, as threat actors have exploited various brand names and trends to steal sensitive information from unsuspecting users. Security professionals recommend that users implement AI-based security, robust URL protection, and a full-suite security plan to avoid falling victim to these phishing attacks.


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