The price of BALD coin has skyrocketed, making it the first meme coin on the Coinbase Layer 2 Blockchain to go viral. Now, it has found a partner in HAIRY coin. BALD coin’s price has surged over 3 million percent, reaching as high as 4 million percent or 40,000x. Similarly, HAIRY coin has experienced significant gains, with an increase of up to 8,000%.

However, buyers of BALD coin on the Base blockchain are unable to realize their profits by selling due to the platform’s lack of interoperability with the wider crypto ecosystem. Base is built using the Optimism stack and utilizes roll-up technology to batch transactions on Ethereum and leverage its security.

Despite this limitation, BALD coin has proven to be an impressive investment for many. There is speculation that the HAIRY meme coin may have been created by the same team behind BALD as a way to create realizable value for early adopters of the Base trend.

The explosive price increase of BALD has led to questions about whether HAIRY can reach similar gains. Early price action suggests that HAIRY is on track for significant returns. In terms of market value, HAIRY is currently priced at $000.45.

BALD coin is believed to be named in reference to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, who is bald. While little is known about the creators of BALD, it has been observed that they seem to be associated with Coinbase. The deployer of the BALD token contract is linked to an address that holds half of the current supply of cbETH, the Base version of a staked asset.

DEXTools data reveals that neither BALD nor HAIRY have had their contract verification detected. However, this is likely due to the newness of these coins. Although a liquidity lock has not been officially detected for HAIRY, etherscan data confirms that liquidity is indeed locked. HAIRY’s total liquidity is currently valued at $71k, significantly lower than BALD’s $36 million.

HAIRY coin has seen a price jump of up to 8,000%, reaching highs of $0.0006471. Trading volume for BALD has reached $91 million in the past 24 hours, with the coin currently priced at $0.0676. It can be bought on the LeetSwap decentralized exchange but cannot be sold due to its one-way bridge. In contrast, HAIRY is an ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain.

The developers behind HAIRY, if connected to BALD, appear to be taking a slow-burn approach. HAIRY currently has a low DEXTscore of 1/99 due to the absence of web and social links and a lack of token description. However, this has not stopped buyers from driving up the price of HAIRY. It is speculated that the developers are working behind the scenes with alpha groups and influencers to raise awareness of the coin.

For those seeking a highly speculative investment opportunity in the crypto market, HAIRY is worth considering. If BALD coin continues its success and HAIRY proves to be a reliable companion coin, it may be a valuable addition to one’s portfolio.


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