Arno Bauer, Senior Solution Architect at BNB Chain, recently participated in an interview with to discuss several key topics. Bauer has a strong background in data management and is passionate about utilizing innovative technologies to enhance business operations. He is particularly focused on governance model enhancements within the BNB ecosystem.

During the interview, Bauer discussed BNB’s new layer-2 testnet called opBNB. He explained the benefits and future implications of opBNB for developers. Additionally, Bauer reflected on the past three years of BNB Chain and the Web3 ecosystem, highlighting the growth and advancements that have taken place. He also mentioned Greenfield as a leader in programmable storage and expressed how overwhelming it can be for individuals to choose from the multitude of available blockchain layer-1 and layer-2 options.

Bauer’s journey into the crypto space was sparked by his fascination with new technologies and their potential to revolutionize various industries. After studying the fundamentals and business applications of blockchain, he appreciates the transformative power it holds.

The interview covers various topics related to BNB Chain and the crypto world as a whole. Bauer shares insights and perspectives on the industry’s advancements, emphasizing the importance of decentralized solutions and the need to justify the use of Web3 technology. He attributes his entrance into the crypto space to the community and events that he attended, where he gained knowledge and recognized the significance of blockchain as the future evolution of data storage.

Bauer concludes by discussing the growing number of choices available for building on different Layer-1s and Layer-2s, underscoring the complexities involved in selecting the right solutions for specific needs.

Overall, the interview provides valuable insights into BNB Chain’s developments, Bauer’s expertise, and the current state of the crypto industry.


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