UK Installs AI Camera System on Major Highway to Catch Texting Drivers

London, UK – In an effort to prevent traffic accidents and promote road safety, the United Kingdom has installed an artificial intelligence (AI) camera system on a major highway. The system, developed by Australia-based tech firm Acusensus, has already detected nearly 300 drivers who were texting while driving.

The AI camera system, which utilizes infrared flash, high shutter speeds, and a lensing and filtering system, is capable of taking clear images of passing vehicles. Acusensus trained its AI system to recognize drivers using their phones and not wearing seatbelts, and matches its training with recorded images. Its infrared cameras also help spot mobile phones as their cameras react to IR. The system then flags potential offending drivers, and a human team reviews the photos and sends warnings or intended prosecution notices to motorists who have confirmed traffic violations.

The deployment of the AI camera system on the A30, a major road connecting London to the southwest of the country, comes after a successful 15-day trial last year. In September 2022 alone, the system caught 590 people driving without seatbelts and 45 using phones while driving.

Adrian Leisk, head of road safety for Devon and Cornwall Police, emphasized the importance of utilizing this technology to crack down on dangerous driving behaviors. “We are employing this new technology to send a clear message to anyone who continues to use their phone behind the wheel – you will get caught,” he stated. Leisk also expressed concern over the number of drivers not wearing seatbelts, adding that their actions put lives at risk.

The use of AI technology in law enforcement is not limited to the UK. In the United States, the San Francisco Police Department has the authority, under the recent California Assembly Bill 481 amendment, to use drones and robots equipped with explosives in extreme situations to save lives. Additionally, the Tulsa Police Department utilizes virtual reality (VR) training to train their officers in various scenarios such as traffic stops and active shooter situations.

As AI becomes more ubiquitous in daily life, it is likely that other countries will adopt similar AI camera systems to enforce traffic rules and promote road safety. The implementation of such technology aligns with the UK’s goal of becoming a tech hub.


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